An exciting announcement about the William G. Lauer Foundation’s latest fund raising event.

The Zoo Bar, under the auspices of owner Pete Watters, is holding a monthly pitch tournament beginning this Saturday the 29th, to benefit the William G Lauer Foundation for ALS.

Entry fee for this two-person team, 10-point pitch tournament, is $5 a person. (We will try to partner up singles if you don’t have a partner.) Registration begins at 3 PM; tournament play begins at 4 PM.

The winning team takes home 50% of the entry fees, the undying accolades of their peers and a garment courtesy of Design Wear. The second place team receives 25% of the entry fees, half as many undying accolades and a garment from Design Wear.

Spread the word to your pitch-playing friends and have them come down to the Zoo Bar Saturday afternoon for a real fun time.

It’s not like they’ve got anything better to do.